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Monthly Archives: August 2015



I love my family – I really do.  We are an ever changing, always interesting group of people.  I love sharing meals with them, helping them out, watching the children grow and mature.  I love the snuggles and hugs, the reminders for the kids to pick up after themselves, the homework and practices, and rehearsals, the phone calls, the lunches to pack, and I love my family.

But every once in awhile I get time alone.  Maybe you get time alone often.  For me it is different.  I have had children living with me for 33 years.  That is a lot of shoes, a lot of tissues for runny noses, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of wash to fold, a lot of dishes to wash.  A. Lot. Of. Dishes.

For the next few days I have the luxury of chosen aloneness.

There will be some reading.  There will be some writing.  There will be some pondering.  Truth be told I can do all of that with family around.  I learned to write sermons with a baby on my lap.  But what I can’t often do is give myself a stretch of time where no one is going to need me – where there is no interruption to the meanderings of my soul.

I learn a lot about life, love, God from my family.  But there are moments when it is good to turn inward, to let life move at a different pace.  It is good to catch up with oneself in the same way we catch up with old friends.  Set aside some time and give oneself a bit of undivided attention.

One plate, one cup, one fork.  I shall savor it.