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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. collaboration – YouTube

Shirky starts with the question “HOW DO GROUPS GET ANYTHING DONE?”  He had me at that question.  Don’t we in the church ask ourselves a version of this question all the time.  And doesn’t it seem to be changing?

I am absolutely fascinated by the video and the concepts that he talks about here.  I have not yet been able to really process all the information.  But what I am thinking is that I, as a leader in a church, need to rethink not simply how I do things, but also how I think about how things get done, what my role is, how we as a faith community connect, create, communicate.  I think this really ties into Peter Morales paper “Congregations and Beyond.”

I am left with questions:

Can I shift from a planner to a coordinator?

What is my role in the instituition versus what can I do or be in the midst of this revolution.

Can congregations shift from being institutions to being something else or can they at least have “satellite” happenings that are connected to the institution but are not them selves institutions.

Can we lower the cost of the work of the church since the village model of a local church does not fit the world we live in anymore?

There are more questions than this but for the moment I invite you to get a cup of coffee and listen to this TED talk. I invite you to read Peter’s letter.   I invite your questions and comments.

In faith,