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Monthly Archives: July 2011


I am at Star Island for my annual RE conference/retreat week. This is a place that has entered into the fabric of my life and my family’s life in a way that is a  real testament to tradition, ritual and community.  I find it hard to say what I love the most about this place. The sounds – I wish I could post an audio clip. There is the constant sound of waves, gentle gentle waves.  This is overlaid with gulls, swallows, buoy bells and the lighthouse. The rhythym is calming. Morning and evening breezes tend to be cool and the mid-day sun tends to be intense. There isn’t much plastic out here. The buildings are old old wood. There are undertones of salt in the breeze. The colors are browns greens and grays offset by a blue blue sky. There are not many trees.  Life is hard for flora and fauna.  Winters must be brutal.  And time is different out here.  Most of all there is this amazing sense of community. That in itself is pretty amazing in that this  community gathers for only one week a year. It is what brings me back year after year, the connections of community.


Sunrise at star island